FLHRXS Road King Special®

If you want to know what it is like to be a ruler of the road, reach out to the Road King® Special mini-ape hanger and send a Milwaukee-Eight® 114 petrol engine. It offers top performance that stops traffic around you. A dark black man, cleared to the muscles that rides on the awesome Turbine wheels. On his hips he has stretched bags and a black headlamp in the style of police motorcycles. It's a dark journey into our history. You look at her king.


3 490,- CZK / day

24 400,- CZK / week


Length (mm): 2,420 mm
Seat Height (mm): 671 mm
Fuel Capacity (l): 22.7 l
Weight, As Shipped (kg): 351 kg

Wheels and tyres:

Tyres, Front Specification: 130/60B19 61H
Tyres, Rear Specification: 180/55B18 80H


Engine: Air-cooled, High Output Milwauke Eight 114™ with integrated oil cooler
Displacement (cm3) 1,868 cc
Engine Torque: 163Nm / 3000rpm

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