FLHTK Electra Glide® Ultra Limited

„Fully charged“ is probably the shortest way to describe this limited premium tourer. But yet there is more to tell. It is fitted with our biggest 1868cc High Output Milwauke 8 engine and a 6-speed gearbox Cruise Drive®, with an electronic cruise control and electronically linked braking system ABS. It has reprocessed Batwing fairing (so that it reduces the airflow towards the head) and GTS infotainment with a touchscreen. An Intuitive manual control, chrome impeller cast aluminum wheels, a premium Tour Pak ™ and side cases are next ones to mention but certainly not the last ones on the list. Exactly as its name implies, Electra Glide® Ultra Limited has simply everything.


3 490,- CZK / day

24 400,- CZK / week


Length (mm): 2,600 mm
Seat Height (mm): 740 mm
Fuel Capacity (litry): 22.7 l
Weight, As Shipped (kg): 399 kg

Wheels and tyres

Tyres, Front Specification: 130/70B18 63H
Tyres, Rear Specification: 180/55B18 80H


Engine: Milwaukee-Eight® 114
Displacement (cm3) 1,868 cc
Engine Torque: 164Nm / 3000rpm


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